User Data Deletion Request Form

Please be sure that, your complete data delectation is a manual process so it might take from 12 hours to up to 7 working days. We always respect your privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you store our data after signing up/log in?
We always respect your privacy and never share your personal data with any third party. You can read our complete privacy policy here.

How to delete my account?
If you ever need to delete your account and erase all personal data permanently, you can place a ‘data deletion request’. Here is how you can request:

Step 1 – Go to
Step 2 – Fill the required fields (username and/or user id)
Step 3 – You will get the last email from us regarding your account removal. (else, you can check manually as well)

How long does it take?
It is a manual process, thus, this might take as quick as 12 hours to 7 working days.

Meanwhile, we thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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